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Producer:Bambi Roxy

Compared to BambiRoxy One-Size nappy, this nappy has much better absorbency. That’s why it is recommendable for night-time.
Our Night Nappy always comprises of a Night Fitted Nappy, a Long and a Short Booster.

Night Fitted Nappy

One-size nappy 4 – 16 kg. Can be adjusted to Small, Medium and Large size thanks to 3 rows of snaps.
outer layer : 95% cotton, 5% elastane
fill : 90% viscose (bamboo), 10% cotton (organic)
2 inner layers : 90% viscose (bamboo), 10% cotton (organic)
45% viscose (bamboo), 25% Bio-cotton (organic), 30% hemp

Long Booster

Used to boost the nappy absorbency. Attachable to the nappy by 1 snap.
composition : 90% viscose (bamboo), 10% cotton (organic)

Short Booster

Used to boost the nappy absorbency. For heavy wetters.
composition : 90% viscose (bamboo), 10% cotton (organic)
The nappy needs to be used together with waterproof Cover.

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