Wool cover S - Hedgehog on green

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A very breathable Bambi Roxy nappy cover suitable for whole-day-use and especially nighttime, because it really does not leak when maintained properly. The merino wool is naturally antibacterial and thus does not retain odours, and is ideal even for babies with very sensitive skin. Its excellent moisture regulation prevents nappy rash.
Available in three sizes : Small, Medium, Large
No velcro or snaps to fiddle with – just pull it up and go!

Size Weight Waist Girth Thigh Girth
Small ca. 4-8 kg 32-45 cm 16-22 cm
Medium ca. 7-11 kg 34-50 cm 20-30 cm
Large ca. 10-16 kg 38-56 cm 24-38 cm

Material: 100% merino wool (incl. the waistbands)
The wool cover is made of 100% merino wool and so needs very gentle maintenance. It needs to be washed and lanolized properly before first use – lanolin is what helps the wool become waterproof.
Since lanolized wool has an amazing self-cleaning ability, you can just let the cover air dry between uses and if not soiled, wash every 2-3 weeks. Lanolizing is less frequent – about every 4-6 weeks.
Two layers of merino wool with extra third layer in the wettest zone between the legs to boost the absorbency. The merino wool waistband is gentle to the baby’s legs and tummy.
The cover has a medium-wide shape and is suitable primarily over fitted nappies, but can work with squares or prefolds, too (when fastened by snappi). It is easy to put on – even on a very active child.

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