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Wool Diaper Covers BambiRroxy - One-Size (6 - 16kg)

One of a kind wool diaper covers made from soft certified Merino Wool! Easy to clean and use.

- Super Soft Merino Wool
- Use over any diaper. Fittes, Flats or Prefolds as the waterproof barrier
- Three rows of snaps
- Breathable fibres reduce rashes abd keeps temperatures regulated
- Are made with 2 layers of felted 100% merino wool Jersey and 1 layer of cotton print outside. These make a soft and trim diaper cover.
- Of the best thing in cloth diapers field, because they are fully natural,
- A great cost effective way to include or introduce wool into your cloth diaper routine

Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Periodic lanolizing is needed for optimum absorbency.
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