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Product ID:NB-PUL-010
Producer:Bambi Roxy
Warranty: 24

Diaper Cover NEW BORN
Waterproof but breathable cover/wrap 2 -9 kg (according to child’s proportions).
Can be adjusted to Small and Medium size thanks to the velcro and 2 rows of snaps. The snaps and the velcro are underlaid by second PUL layer. All this to prolong the product lifespan and for its better performance.
Adjust front snaps on the BambiRoxy cloth diaper cover to achieve the size needed to fit your baby snugly.
Put BambiRoxy cloth diaper on baby, and you're good to go until its time to change! When that happens, simply undo the soiled insert and snap on a clean one.
Added special leg gussets helps keep everything in, adjustable rise with four settings, and overlapping snap closure This is a very trim fitting cloth diaper so please be extra careful that none of the insert is sticking out of the cloth diaper shell. Also, after the cloth diaper is on, pull the leg gussets out around baby's legs. This will guard against leaks and help avoid any red marks on the skin.

Material: 100% polyester (laminated with polyurethan)
They are specially adapted to our SIO system.
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