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Why cloth diapers?

Modern cloth diapers provide a new way of caring for a baby. They combine affinity with nature together with the busy lifestyle of a modern woman; while at the same time being better for the environment, and your wallet. Cloth diapers are healthier for the child because the child's skin doesn't come into contact with chemicals that are present in one-use diapers…

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Why with us?

We're an exclusively Slovak producer with many years worth of experience. We place strong emphasis on the quality, ecology, and innovativeness of our products.We keep on systematically improving their quality, as well as technological and design solutions. We'll be glad to meet your specific requirements…

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Benefits of cloth diapers

Contrary to one-use diapers, they don't contain any chemicals. The child by default has wide diapers which provide ideal conditions for the healthy growth of lumbar joints.They're friendly, breathable and maitain the ideal temperature. It's possible to choose from a vast range of colors and patterns.

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