Who we are

We're a small company. We offer cloth diapers on the Slovak and European markets since 2011. The diapers are made from quality European, and in the case of some products, also American materials. We place strong emphasis on the quality, ecology, and innovativeness of our products every step of the way. Since our founding, we've built up a functioning network of distributors; which we're still expanding as we're successfully competing with the producers of similar goods abroad.

We came with a novelty – square muslin diapers made from a mixture of bamboo viscose and high-gram cotton; which mean they're extremely soft and absorbent. The diapers were branded as KIKKO BMB and flooded the Czech and Slovak markets. At first, the KIKKO BMB diapers were 70 x 70 x 3 cm height large and available in pastel colors. We had a lot of success presenting them on international textile trade fairs.
We introduced three new additions into the KIKKO BMB brand. Those were an unbleached type of diapers, 90 x 100 KIKKO BMB higher-gram towel, and softer 30 x 30 KIKKO BMB napkins. We came with a completely new range of products, KIKKO ECO. A set of childrens' toys and teething toys made from cornstarch-based biopolymer was first introduced as a flagship. The sales of this new product skyrocketed on the Czech market. The network of ecological drugstores DM Drogeriemarkt included it into their range of goods, alongside KIKKO BMB bamboo diapers. We presented our new products on the biggest European trade fair Európe Kind und Jugend in Cologne for the first time.
The Slovak branch of DM Drogeriemarkt ecological drugstores included our bamboo diapers into their range of goods We successfully concluded the development of new KIKKO ECO dishes; which were also made from the ecological cornstarch-based biopolymer. The dishes came with pictures made especially for us by the well-known Czech painter Vendula Hegerová. Ecological paints were of course used.
We started cooperating with a producer of one-use ecological compostable diapers for children. We signed an exclusive deal about distributing diapers and separation liners made of INGEO ecological biopolymer in Europe. We started distributing them in the Czech Republic under the KIKKO ECO brand. Furthermore, we brought new prints of square cotton panties; which were also made by the painter Vendula Hegerová
The presentation of one-use KIKKO ECO diapers and of a range of bamboo diapers, towels, and napkins at the biggest European trade fair Európe Kind und Jugend in Cologne was a success. Since there was huge demand for the products and KIKKO was a trademark registered only in the Czech Republic, we've decided to expand abroad and rebrand the original trademark. In addition, registering the same trademark abroad was difficult. Finally we registered a new trademark called XKKO. Since the original logo and design were successful, we kept the same style. Step by step, we were repacking our products, founding the www.xkko.eu wholesale and retail site as well as starting up the distribution of our products into all of the European countries.
We hired new talented tailors and developed first types of our cloth diapers. Based on customer feedback and reviews, the diapers were improved.
We were constantly on the lookout for new, quality materials; which resulted in the inclusion of upper PUL panties into our portfolio. More talented tailors were hired.
We hired the last of our new tailors so far. Right now, we have a stable team. New categories of products were added to our range of goods; such as two-size panty diapers, square diapers, wool panties etc.
Redesign of pocket diapers and stabilization of verified suppliers of materials for production.

Our offer is constantly expanding as new designs and prints are added into all categories. We're systematically working on the quality, technology, and design of our products.
We contact traders, offering distribution abroad. We react to customer requests, as well as to suggestions for various improvements.

Everything we do is built around the credo 'Customer first' and our team works only in accordance with it.


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