Materials used for the production of cloth diapers


Bamboo is considered the fasted growing plant on Earth. It's basically woody grass. The advantage of bamboo is that it doesn't have to be re-sown after harvest. It stems from a complex of roots which sprouts new plants each year. It doesn't need any chemical treatments or fertilization; it is naturally antiseptic and therefore are its fibers good for small children and allergic individuals.

Viscose-like fibers are made from bamboo mass.

The most important properties of bamboo are that it's: anti-allergic, antibacterial, antistatic, immediately absorbent, breathable, great for thermoregulation, firm, durable.

The process of producing viscose from bamboo was developed in the eighties. This resultled in bamboo being the newest natural material mass used by the textile industry.

Bamboo (bamboo viscose) is a natural material. It is soft to touch, pleasant and soft. It's highly absorbent since it can absorb up to 4-times more liquid than e.g. cotton. Once soaked, the material doesn't remain wet; though the wetness is apparent when the on touch.

Cotton and bio cotton

Cotton is the most widespread material with the longest history in diaper production. Bio cotton is grown and processed under strict ecological condition. No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers can be used. Toxic substances (like formaldehyde) cannot be used in production.

Polyester fleece

Polyester fleece is a material made from synthetic fiber. It is very soft and pleasant to touch. One of its undeniable advantages is that it keeps the baby feeling dry. It doesn't absorb liquid, only lets it pass through; which is why it is always dry on the surface.

If used in e.g. pocket diapers, the baby's body feels dry as the wetness is taken into the multilayer, highly absorbent bamboo inserts.

WARNING: Please be careful when using creams under cloth diapers. If a cream has to be used, apply just a thin layer. A thick layer prevents the skin from breathing and decreases the absorption properties of the diapers.


Hemp is an undemanding, fast-growing plant that doesn't need pesticides. It's popular due to the firmness and durability of hemp products. It requires minimum water to thrive; and hence is listed as an ecological material.

Hemp diapers have excellent absorbent properties and dry faster.


A very soft, airy material with excellent insulating properties. It is one of the best materials for small children. Wool is antibacterial and has natural self-cleaning and regenerating properties. The "waterproofing" of wool is ensured by lanolin contained therein.


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